Apps Registration
Most of the sites provides very limited solution and also targets just 1-2 mobile or desktop platforms but here you can register all mobile and desktop platforms application on our website. There is no limit of apps. Just create account and start posting apps details. You can also add your Brand or personal image in profile. You can manage profile and apps through our dynamic admin panel.
Apps Page
You can share app links to others, and you will also get web page for user specific apps. Means you can also share your apps dedicated page with other. That page will contain your profile, social links and only your apps listing.
All Platforms
Our website is not targeting only iOS, MAC App Store, Android – Google play store, Windows, Online Games or Desktop apps but we have provided options of all platforms. Everybody faces issue when they have multiple platform apps and don't find one place for all. Now you don't have to think, register all apps in one place and share with others like your own App Store.
Support Page
We have created a support page also, from where all app users can contact with you and share their feedbacks or issues with you. There is proper contact form, No Spams only real users will be able to contact.
Email system also provided to communicate with all apps users. If someone complains or share any feedback then their messages will come in your mailbox and notification in your registered email also. You can communicate easily with all.
Sub Domain
If you don't like your apps specific page then we will also provide you subdomain option in your website where your webpage will look like your dedicate website.
New Domain & Website
If you don't like Apps specific page and subdomain option then we have more solutions for you. We will provide you dedicated domain and dynamic website with database, email system and easy to manage admin panel. We will also provide you support if you have any issue in managing or configuring.
Apps Promotion
We have features on our website for promotion, You can promote your app in our website through Apps featured, Recommended and Banners section.
There is no need of doing SEO of your website, We will do SEO for you apps pages. If you need SEO in your dedicated website then we will also provide help in that.