Zombie - Escape The Humans!
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Zombie - Escape The Humans!

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Can you help Milton, the resident town zombie, to escape the nasty humans who are treating him like a monster and just want to stop him in his tracks.
Thats the goal in Zombie - Escape The Human Invasion, and you are in control of the action!
Milton runs the local hotel which has a resident ghost, and is a spooky dark place.
Jump and run past the evil, human folk as quickly as you can!
The game has a simple premise. Control Milton, collect brains and coins, and avoid the bad humans, who might look like regular humans, but are very nasty because they will do everything in their power to stop Milton achieving his goal!
Featuring a spooky zombie theme, complete with bats, and a haunted mansion, this is a game you will want to play with the lights on!
There is only a slender chance of stopping this nightmare, but Milton is not one to suffer in silence, and absolutely refuses to do a runner unless he can win.
Milton has the ability to buy power ups with the coins he collects. Anything from doubling his score, adding more lives, or even making himself invincible for a time. Allowing him to teach those pesky humans a lesson!
And if Milton is not a good money saver, he can just go buy the coins he needs for instant unlocks direct from the games inbuilt store. Something for everyone!
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