World's First Privacy-Protected App that Provides Unlimited Talk Time and Text for FREE
Price: Free

World's First Privacy-Protected App that Provides Unlimited Talk Time and Text for FREE

App ID: 896536016
Compatible: iOS (Universal)

StitMe offers a completely secure way of connecting with people without revealing your actual mobile number. It is completely free and we guarantee 100% privacy when it comes to making and receiving calls.

Privacy is a Right and StitMe gives it right back to you. You can now control who calls you, when they call you and you can even protect yourself against reverse number look ups. 

The next time you make an outgoing call, the recipient will view a unique StitMe connection number instead of your mobile number. StitMe easily connects to your contact list and assigns a unique StitMe Connection Number to use any time you want.

Why Use StitMe?

**Free and Unlimited**
We offer free unlimited talk time with crystal-clear call quality. Plus, you will also receive unlimited unique StitMe connections. 

**Messaging Kill Switch**
You can now delete your message from both sides using the “Kill” switch - this is a first of its kind for any chat app! 

**Personal Safety**
StitMe is the safest way for people to connect – it protects personal information and delivers complete communication control.

**Privacy & Protection**
StitMe’s unparalleled privacy protects your phone conversations from eavesdropping and government monitoring to corporations selling personal information.

**Reverse Lookup Safe**
Reverse lookup on your StitMe Numbers will not lead back to your information.

**We Don't Track or Store Data**
We don’t track or save any data regarding your identity, phone calls, or messages. 

So, what are you waiting for? Download StitMe right now and ensure that your privacy is not compromised for!
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