Tips & Tricks for Excel
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Tips & Tricks for Excel

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Probably every PC (and Mac) user in the world knows Microsoft® Excel® as a powerful office calculations tool. Yet not even 1% of Excel® users can honestly say they know all of its functional – don’t believe them if they do.
In our app we have covered the very basics of the Excel® usage – yes, we compiled our Secrets app for the newbies. You’ll start from the very beginning – like understanding data types, and sorting and filtering your data.
For your accommodation our app is structured in step-by-step manner. Each step is featuring colored high-definition illustration, so no uncertainty is left after reading our guide.
Here’s a quick overview of what knowledge our guide provides:
•How to Create multiple custom Worksheet views in Excel®
•How to work with data using shortcuts in Excel®
•How to Understand formulas and functions in Excel®
•How to add Background Color automatically in Excel®
•How to use custom conditional formatting in Excel® 
•How to split screen and Freeze Cells in Excel®
•How to insert headers and footers in Excel® 
•How to Use tables to sort and filter data in Excel®
•How to know Basic and multi-field sorting in Excel®
•How to Target large data groups in Excel®
•How to Name and use cell ranges in Excel® 
•How to Convert Excel® vertical cells to horizontal
•How to Record and using a simple macro in Excel®
•How to Create a Drop Down Menu in Excel®
•How to Insert Check Mark Symbol in Excel®
Start using Tips & Tricks – Excel Secrets today and become the master of Microsoft® Excel® tomorrow!


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  • Admin

    Tips & Tricks for excel is great iPhone and iPad app on iTunes Store for learning Excel. App works perfectly on all iOS devices. App interface is very simple and easy to use. App covers all basic features , settings, cells, tables and data management in detail. Good thing is screenshots, are also there to understand all topics easily.

    Most of the time Excel users struct on setting formulas and formating things and try to take help form others or online but don't get immediate solution but this app is perfect teacher with you available all the time. There are many tips also there, even which experienced users don't know but it is surprise for them. 
    This is one of the perfect guide on iTunes store. Contents of apps are also written very well, easy to follow. Search, Print and sharing features are also there. 
    App is free to donwload and size of the app is under 10 MB. Over all very very useful app and all excel users must have on their iOS devices to take benefit.
    Merry Christmas & Happy Prosperous New Year!

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