SniperXXX 3D Sniper Shooter Ki
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SniperXXX 3D Sniper Shooter Ki

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SniperXXX : 3D Sniper Shooter Kill
A killer sniper game. Blow off some zombie heads in this scope shooter.

UPDATE: Mission Mode added. Play though challenges in different parts of the level. Defend the humans, kill waves of zombies, earn cash, and always watch your back.

★ Amazing bullet follow camera action. See it in slow motion as it rips apart zombies.
★ Shoot off zombie heads with a perfect killshot and see them explode.
★ Kill wave after wave of undead zombies and try to survive the evil infected town.
★ Smooth turn action and zoom scope gun.
★ Great 3-D graphics and horror music.

★★★★★ "i love the slow motion gun camera when u do a head shot, feels so sweet 2 see em fly apart like a stickman lol. very scary 2, just u vs zombies. Killer app for sure" - expert assassin

★★★★★ "One of the best shooter / killer games I've played. Very clear controls, great 3d horror town too. And so good when you shoot off heads :)" - Spy Vision Games

You're alone, confused, and find yourself in an abandoned mine town with no resident 's. The silent streets are broken when you hear the blood thirsty moans of zombies. Then you see them!! You have nowhere to run and only a rifle for defense. Survive as long as you can, don't contract the disease, and prey for a quick death.

Players who love survival horror games like silent hill will love Sniper XXX.

Happy Shooting :)



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