Smart Bubble Trouble
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Smart Bubble Trouble

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Smart Bubble trouble is free game for all kind of users. Its engaging and interactive game.

To get yourself out of trouble you need to clear all the bubbles. Split bubbles again and again with a line from your gun. You have to avoid colourful bubbles. Share score with your friends on Facebook. You can see top scorers of the game from Facebook leaderboard. Hurry up and beat your friends.
Game includes :-
• Colourful bubbles
• Fire with gun
• Ads
• Pause/Resume
• Sounds
• Facebook Sharing....


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  • Admin

    Smart Bubble Trouble is iPhone and iPad game on iTunes store. Game works fine on all iOS devices. This is very small game with not much features. Just move game character left & right and avoid collision with bouncing bubbles. These Bubbles can be hit though gun also that splits bubbles in 2 and so on, and that makes game more challenging.  Gun can hit only upwards not left & right. There should be option for that also or some other ways to avoid left & right collisions because current game play makes it very difficult to play, that frustrates also.

    Game graphics are not the best but still ok. Game is free to download and there is no way to remove Ads.  It is frustrating when Ads popup while in game, It should come on game over. There is option for score sharing on Facebook instead of Game center. 

    Overall Game concept is very good but implementation is not as good as it can be. It is free to download and can be enjoyed because of its unique game play. Nice game for killing time.
    Happy Prosperous New Year!

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