Numbers 1000
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Numbers 1000

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Numbers 1000 is a new concept brain game. Can you get 1000 points?
★★ The rules are very easy, but the game involves a lot of strategy and logic skills to get the best score★★
★★If you like sudoku, math games, puzzle games, jewels and tiles matching, words games, you will absolutely love Numbers 1000 ★★
★★ The objective is simple:
- Swipe the snowman to exchange its position with next number to collect the highest score:
- If the snowman is swiped to the right or down, the number value will be added to score. 
- If the snowman is swiped to the left or to the top, the number value will be substracted from the score and the number changes to X.
Attention: The X will get in your way to glory:
  * When the snowman exchanges position with an X, the game is over.
  * When the snowman is surronded by Xs, the game is over. 
- When you collect 10 points you will obtain a bonus.
- Every 1 second, a bonus automatically  transforms one X to a number.
- For each 100 points won, Then screen is cleaned from all X and you got a new 20 number in the puzzle to help you increase your score. ★★
 ★★Great moments and Hours of free fun and excitement are guaranteed. ★★
★★ Difficult to find a simpler and more addicting  game than this!★★
 ★★Challenge your friends to beat your high score! Connecting to Google Play Games from the game★★


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