Notes2SD Text Editor
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Notes2SD Text Editor

App ID: notes2sd
Category: Productivity
This is a notepad type text Editor which directly saves your notes/text in SD card in txt format. Very useful for tacking regular notes without worrying about losing your text notes if something wrong happens with your phone or you simply uninstall the app. You can also transfer/copy your notes to PC, laptop or any digital device which supports txt files.
It also provides powerful security by encryption-decryption technique. You can put different password for each text note and save wherever you want. 
The key features are:-
1. Password notes/texts by encryption (Pro version)
2. Volume Cursor(Pro version)
            -use volume keys to move the cursor [menu>settings>volume cursor]
3. Saves to SD anywhere you want.
4. Remember last location
5. Startup keypad
6. User-Hidden-Folder(long tap on SD icon and drag your finger up)
7. Text size
8. Text color
9. Text style
10. Various fonts
11. Background color
12. Word-wrap
13. Undo-redo
14. Find/Find-replace 
15. Read mode(disable keypad while reading)
16. Disable-enable word-suggestion, auto-capitalize.
17. Line-break type
18. Various Encoding (char-set) to save and open file.
This is free version, so there will be ads. If you want a ad-free version, please consider to buy Notes2SD Text Editor Pro with premium features.


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Country: India-732124
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