Maths Fun Unlimited
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Maths Fun Unlimited

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 Introducing Maths Fun - 7 fun mental maths challenges at your fingertips!

Maths Fun puts 5 challenging maths puzzles into your pocket! Our educational and entertaining game will push your mind to it’s limit as you race against the clock to solve 8 puzzling levels in each game! 

Do you think you are good at mathematics? Take your chances in the Number Square or take the 1 Minute challenge to test your mental maths ability - do you have what it takes to pass all 8 levels with flying colors?

Match Me is challenging; requiring you to match a solution to its answer in as little time as possible whilst Practice Maths requires you to work out the answer with just your mind! Pyramid will test your cognitive thinking and Table will test your knowledge of factors! 

Who said maths couldn’t be fun? Maths Fun lets you pick and choose which topics you would like to focus upon - whether that be subtraction, multiplication or something else entirely! 

Not only is Maths Fun a great game to play whenever you are bored, but it’s also a great way to prepare your mind for a test! Play through each level and see what you have scored in each round - is there something you need to work on or will you pass through with flying colors? 

You can customize each game to suit your ability by picking topics to include and setting a maximum number for each level - it’s up to you to decide! 

Every game is addictive, unique and gives you the option to share your highest score on Game Center so that you can show off your maths skills to the world! 

Practice your maths skills by challenging yourself in Practice Maths mode or play the 5 challenging mental maths puzzles! 

Math Fun - test your mental maths in this fun and addictive game! 

- 5 addictive puzzle games and 2 challenging modes to test your knowledge!
- Customize the difficulty and adjust which topics you would like to test yourself on!
- Perfect for mental maths revision!
- 8 exciting levels for each challenge!



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