Loan Mortgage Calculator Pro
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Loan Mortgage Calculator Pro

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Loan Mortgage Calculator Pro: The simple and complete multilingual loan and mortgage calculator for all what you should know about any type of your current or future loans (car loan, personal loan, mortgage...)
★★ Exclusive Pro Feature for free: Loan Prepayment Simulation (total or partial) in order to define the best moment to repay the rest of your loan ★★
Indeed Loan Mortgage Calculator Pro allows you to: 
- Calculate Monthly payments  from duration automatically without clicking a button
- Calculate Loan duration  from monthly payements.
- Know the Interests share in the monthly payments and the global cost of the loan
- Display Insurance ratio in monthly payments and global payment.
- Display detailed amortization Schedule table.
- Export and save Amortization table to Excel File and e-mail it
- Simulate an early Loan Repayment (total or partial) in order to define the best moment to repay the rest or a part of your loan
- Start Date selection in Amortization table and Early repayment
- Compute penalties resulting of Loan early repayment
- Display graphs of the evolution of the ratio of interests and amortization in monthly payments


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