Caller Name Announcer
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Caller Name Announcer

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Caller Name Announcer is highly applicable in a situation like if you are driving and the phone is in your pocket or some one sends you an SMS while your smart phone is in other room. Caller Name Announcer simply speaks it out.

Caller Name Announcer speaks every thing while some one is calling you or send you a message, you will identify it with out looking to your smart phone. Caller Name Announcer uses the built-in Android text-to-speech engine to speaks the incoming caller name or SMS sender name and contents of the SMS.Caller Name Announcer will not working if your smart phone does not have text-to-speech library but this is not a problem you can easily download it from Google play store.

Caller Name Announcer Announces
★ Caller Name if exist in contacts
★ If does not exist in contacts, call that unknown
★ Speaks incoming SMS contents and sender name

Easily customise your Caller Name Announcer application
★ Easily enable and disable speking caller name
★ Easily enable and disable speking incoming SMS and contents of the SMS
★ Ringtones settings
★ Volume Settings
★ Text-to-Speach Settings



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    Call name announcer is an awesome app with speaking feature in it. There’s a genre of applications that we see a lot more of over in the Android camp than we do in the iPhone world. Simply put, these are apps that allow us to tweak, modify or otherwise create a new experience for ourselves on our phones. This is extremely simple app with caller name announcing feature with it . The basic idea behind Call name announcer can be stated in one sentence, and little else: When someone calls, your phone simply speak the name of the person which is already in your contact list.

    For instance, if you’d like for Call Announcer to put your calls on you need little setting with your phone and make app active. There is an option for you to select the level of sound for announcing the name of caller. The attractive feature of the app is its announcing feature of full message which came on your cell phone at the time you are driving you don’t need to read message it will do automatically read by this app. The app is simple to install and setup, and if you’re looking to modify the settings, you’ll not have to jump through hoops to do it. Keeping in mind, though, that the Android platform itself is spread across a wide birth of devices: Some devices will be better than others, leading to the occasional performance issue. All of that kept in mind, Caller Name Announcer still performed admirably on our device, and if you’re looking for just such a tweak, you’ll find what you need here, And of course, it’s terribly hard to knock any application that is available for free. If you’re scared that Caller Name Announcer may not work with your hardware, go ahead and snag the free version to play with it. There are some settigs user can do accroding to their use. Like - Enable and Disable Caller Name , SMS RingTone, Text To Speach.
    It is worth of downloading on any Android device with minimum OS version 2.3, It is just under 2 MB. 
    Happy Prosperous New Year!

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