Blue Bird Academy
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Blue Bird Academy

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We created Blue Bird Academy for our youngster and now we'd like to share it with you! :)

We love it! Hope you do too... we welcome feedback.

With this easy to use, child-friendly tool, your youngster can learn the Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes and a huge variety of everyday Objects in up to 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian)!
Blue Bird Academy is a powerful learning platform that allows you to easily introduce your child to virtually any object, letter, number, shape or concept in a fun and exciting way.
In any one of the languages, your child can learn
- The Alphabet
- Numbers 0-20
- 15 common shapes
- 50+ everyday objects
- and much more!!
Delight and educate your child in “Picture” Mode, where you take a picture of anything you wish and use your voice to speak the word. Watch your youngster’s face fill with delight as the object that is revealed is something they know and the speaker is their own parent!
This easy to use, educational tool comes with well over 350 unique objects to provide hours of learning and entertainment.
* Multi-language support – Comes with English, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian but since you can edit existing items and add new items, you can record everything in your native tongue
* Extremely ease interface anyone can learn in seconds
* Professional voice actors keep kids engaged
* Fully customize the interface – show/hide the activities you wish your child to focus on 
* Adorable animated mascot keep kids involved
* Randomize the reveal order of any activity as your youngest advances 
* High quality, colorful images keep the activity light and engaging
* Optionally record your own voice to any image - your child can learn everything in your voice making the discovery all the more impressionable
* Add your own items - take pictures of your child’s favorite items to make the discovery more personal



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