Best Productivity App for iPhone or iPad
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Best Productivity App for iPhone or iPad

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Document Writer for Microsoft Office - Word & PDF

Mindspeak Software the developers of the best iOS applications have released another great app update for handling office work.

Mindspeak Software has released its updated version of document writer version 4.4.4 only limited to users of iOS. The greatest document managing and editing application is now available for iPad and iPhone.

Document writer is an application that saves you from carrying a bag full of files it is a simple to use application that allows you to carry your work anywhere you want with ease and comfort.

Document Writer features include Document editor, Document templates and samples, Document scanner, Fax, Folders & sub-folders, PDF converter, PDF expert, PDF viewer, Sharing, Spread sheets, Usability features (smooth and easy usage), and Voice recorder.


What's New in Version 4.4.4 :

* Improvements in Rich Text Editor
* Sign & send PDF documents in zoom mode
* Ability to drag & drop file across file systems. For example drag from Dropbox and and drop on Google Drive
* Improved document scanner and PDF convertor
* Optimized for iOS 10
* Some bug fixes



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