Baby Stroller Runner - Fun Park Race Challenge HD Free
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Baby Stroller Runner - Fun Park Race Challenge HD Free

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Why spend all day taking naps and drooling in your crib when you can soar down hills and through the air?! These fun-loving babies are all about speed and know just the place where you can take your baby carriage out for a high-flying ride! Get ready to see babies take to the skies in style in Baby Stroller Runner!

See how fast you can get your baby to go by pressing the down button to gain speed while going downhill-- just don't press it while going uphill or else you'll slow down! You can even perform four different awesome tricks in the air as you race up and down hills, all while collecting baby bottles to use for buying useful items like power boosts and level skips! Don't forget to show off your score to friends by posting on Facebook or sending them an e-mail! In fact, you'll even get free bottles just for sharing on Facebook! With five unique babies to play as, both single and multiplayer modes, and four colorful backgrounds to unlock, you're sure to have a blast for a long time as you glide your thrill-loving baby across the bumpy hills!


-Simple yet very addicting gameplay!
-Over 40 single player stages to complete!
-Perform four different action-packed tricks!
-Race your friends with Nextpeer multiplayer!
-Fun powerups to collect and buy in the shop!
-Four unique backgrounds to unlock!
-Five different playable baby characters!
-Gamecenter leaderboards to show off your score!
-Earn baby bottles for sharing your score on Facebook!



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