Amazing Turtles Mega Jump Free
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Amazing Turtles Mega Jump Free

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Turtles Mega Jump is a challenging jumping and tapping game that will give you endless hours of pure hopping madness! 
Jump tirelessly among the clouds oh so fluffy, starring our very own Peggy!
This game is similar to popular games like Nobody dies today, stay on the white tile and Don't touch the spikes, in that it is so addicting. You really cannot stop once you start playing this game.

But the universe has not made it easy for Peggy!
Hidden ninjas laid a trap for our mysterious mega jumping turtle!
Oh! The challenges will never be easy!
Now Peggy has to dodge and survive the traps set forth by the evil hidden ninjas!

Jump endlessly as far as your eyes can see!
Peggy's shell might be heavy, but surely those wings have set our friend Peggy free!

Can you mega dodge them all?
Can you mega escape them all?
Can you perform awesome mega jumps no other turtle could ever do?
Can you outlast the ninja’s surprise star-blades and unleash Peggy's full potential?

This endless jumping, dodging and tapping game will surely deliver you hours of hopping fun!



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