Align Me Pro
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Align Me Pro

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Compatible: iOS (Universal)
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This is puzzle game for all ages. Few puzzles may be simple for someone but solving puzzle in minimum moves is always challenging for everyone. If you like to challenge to solve puzzle in minimum moves then you will enjoy this puzzle also. Players can play with easy and hard levels according to their age and skills. 

Play multiplayer game. Challenge your friends with game center. First 2 levels are very easy but you will get challenge after that and you can enjoy more with multiplayer game...


->Challenge your friends through Game Center. 
->Change game matrix according to your skills.
->Set puzzle pattern according to your choice.
->Play with Numbers, Alphabets or Images according to your interest.
->Set background theme according to your choice.
->Share scores on Game Center.

If you don't like or have any suggestions then please also send feedback. Your views as a player are very important for us.



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