A Prom Night Queen Grabber Hunt - Awesome Diamond Gem-Stone Target Collecting Challenge
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A Prom Night Queen Grabber Hunt - Awesome Diamond Gem-Stone Target Collecting Challenge

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Diamonds are girl’s best friend. Especially if they come in her favorite colors.

These colored diamonds are rare but you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fish them out.
Collect all colors, shapes and sizes. 

How to play:

• Tap “START” to play
• Tap the screen to grab different kinds of diamonds
• For 60 seconds grab as many as you can to reach your goal
• The bigger the diamond the more you money get 


• Discover other cool game twist and features as you play this app
• Small game size
• Simple game objective
• Easy to download
• Excellent sound effects
• Excellent backdraft
• Lots level to accomplish
• Easy to control
• Wholesome theme

***Make yourself feel rich and be your own diamond digger.
Download and play this addictive game.



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  • Admin

    A Prom Night Queen Grabber Hunt is fantastic game for iPhone and iPad. App works fine on all iOS devices. Concept of game is to collect diamonds and score specific points to cross each level.  Dimonds can be catched only through perfect timing otherwise time will be over and will result in end of game. Game is very well created and designed. This is very interesting game with fun, addiction and some challenge. Game is not for specififc age group and can be enjoyed by all ages.

    Game graphics are also very good and sounds are also very. This is free game with Ads but some Ad popup comes while playing games, that should come on game over. Otherwise it is very good game. Paid versio of this game is also avialble in $2.99. If you don't like to go for paid version then download free version and go for paid version later if you like.

    Overall App is worth of downloading, so download It today and enjoy this holiday season.

    Happy Prosperous New Year!

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