A Bouncing Fat Zombie Blast - Angry Dead Extreme Tossing Invasion
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A Bouncing Fat Zombie Blast - Angry Dead Extreme Tossing Invasion

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Mogo might seem like a simple fat zombie but he has a dream. All Mogo wants is to bounce high and far, traveling through the world and having fun on the way. 

“Bouncing Fat Zombie” is your chance to help Mogo reach his dreams. With a great variety of power ups, stages and intense action it is the best zombie way to keep yourself entertained. 

Are you ready for a zombie adventure?

Do you think you can bounce high and far enough?

How to Play

Your objective is to bounce forward and collect valuable gold coins. The zombie bounces off platforms which you build by swiping your fingers on the screen. You have full control of the platform angle so Mogo bounces in a direction you wish him to jump to.

There are a lot of power ups which help Mogo on his way. Hitting a magical red bird will have him dash forward. A rainbow lets him bounce higher, while hitting a bubble power up enables him to float in mid-air for a longer period.

Like every quality action game, there are things you should look out for. Hitting a black bird means that Mogo will die; the same happens if you hit a black cloud that will electrocute your zombie.

You can unlock many upgrades by either collecting coins or paying a small fee. Among them is a platform which makes Mogo's bounces higher and upgrades that increase the length of any power ups you have. There is also a special Kids game mode you can purchase, removing the black birds from the game for more careless fun.

The game comes with a social-sharing system built-in: you can tell your friends of your achievements by sharing on social media or sending an email to them.



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  • Admin

    A Bouncing Fat Zombie Blast is really awesome game for iPhone and iPad on iTune Store. App concept is very creative. Main objective of game is bounce forward and collect gold coins. User can create jump platform by swiping fingers from left to right. It is very fast jump and bounce game, minor mistake ends game. There are some powers to move forward quickly like Magical red bird. There are many hurdles also in path of jumping zombie like black cloud, Flying black birds that kills Mogo - the main game character. This is complete fun, addictive and challenging game.
    Game is designed very well, it works fine on all devices. Users of all ages can play it easily. Game graphics are very very good. Sounds are also very catchy.
    It is free to download but have Ads in game. Ads are popup sometime before game over, that should not be like that. Ad remove option is also there to play without any interruption. Game size is around 40 MB but worth of downloading and recommended to all users.
    Happy New Year 2015!

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