100 Perfect Popcorns - Fun Collecting Game Craze
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100 Perfect Popcorns - Fun Collecting Game Craze

App ID: 904519817
Compatible: iOS (Universal)
Category: Games

Featuring addicting gameplay that will test your timing skills and quick reflexes, 100 Perfect Popcorns is the challenging and rewarding gaming experience that players of all ages and skill levels can enjoy! The fast, fun gameplay makes it perfect for gamers on the go that only have a few minutes to kill, while those looking for a long lasting experience are in for a treat as they try to improve their score each time.

Simple yet satisfying, the objective of the game is to drop as many popcorn as you can into the rotating popcorn buckets. Each piece of popcorn that you catch will earn you points, but any popcorn that misses the buckets are lost for good. The unique element of this game is that popcorn that you do catch will fall back in with the rest of the popcorn, allowing you to use them once again. However, a bucket will disappear if you fail to put a single popcorn in it-- and losing all the buckets will mean that the game is over! 

Think you've got what it takes to master all three modes and get a higher score than all your friend and family? Download 100 Perfect Popcorns and start having a buttery fun-filled time today!

•Simple yet addicting1 touch gameplay
•Universal iPhone and iPad App
•3 gameplay modes (Classic, Reverse and Mixed)
•3 GameCenter leaderboards
•Remove adds for only $1.99
•Post scores to Twitter, Facebook and Email
•Share scores with friends via Text Message



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